Best 2020 Romantic Songs in Kannada

The Kannada industry Which it had released a lot of best movies and other names it is also called as Sandlewood industry.  In recent years the Kannada industries are releasing the pan india films and below the article you can find Best 2020 Romantic Songs in Kannada

Love You Chinna

Love You Chinna song lyrics from the Love Mocktail movie. The film starring Darling Krishna, Milana Nagraj. Raghu Dixit had scored music.  This movie had directed by Krishna and this song lyrics had penned by Raghavendra V Kamath. This song had sung by Shruthi VS & Nakul Abhyankar. Love You Chinna video song from Love Mocktail is well received by the audience. The Video Song has reached more than 23M views since the song is uploaded on YouTube.

Yoo Yoo

Watch Full 4K Video Song Yoo Yoo from  Bharaate Movie and movie starring are Sriimurali, and Sreeleela. Arjunjanya had scored music. The Yoo Yoo song was sung by Vijay Prakash and the beautiful song lyrics were penned by  Chethan Kumar.  In this song, Sriimurali and Sreeleela performed dance very well and it got 3.2 million views on youtube.

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Summane Heege Ninnane

The most trending song on youtube is Summane Heege Ninnane Song  from Kannada Amar movie. The song had sung by a beautiful singer  Shreya Ghoshal and Sonu Nigam. The film stars are Abhishek Gowda and Tanya Hope. Arjun Janya had composed music. The song lyrics meaning about how to express love.  Summane Heege Ninnane song got 8.7 million views on you tube.

Marali Manasaagide

Marali Manasaagide Song lyrics in  Gentleman Movie and This beautiful Song  Lyrics are penned by  Nagarjun and Kinnal Raj.  For this Song music had scored by B Ajaneesh Loknath . This song sung by Sanjith Hegde and C R Bobby. The romantic song performed by Prajwal Devraj, Nishvika Naidu. It got 68 Million views on you tube since the song uploaded itself.

Shyaane Love

Shyaane Love Song Lyrics written by V Nagendra Prasad. The song is sung by Hemanth Kumar, Indu Nagaraj.  Shyaane Love Song Lyrics from the movie Odeya and the film stars are Darshan, Sana Thimmaiah. The film directed by M D Sridhar and Arjun Janya had scored music and the Shyaane Love Song released directly on you tube by Anand Audio and this song got 3.6 Million views on you tube.

Innunu Bekagide

Innunu Bekagide Song Lyrics from Mundina Nildana Movie. The song is sung and composed by Vasuki Vaibhav. The song lyrics were penned by Pramod Maravanthe. The film directors are Ankush Jain, Shashank Illur, Rahul Parvatikar, Kumar Reddy, and Producer by L V Ravikumar. The film Stars are Praveen Tej, Radhika Narayan, Ananya Kashyap, Ajay Raj and Dattanna,  This song got 8.3 Million views on you tube.


Marethuhoyithe song Lyrics from Kannada film Amar. The song track performed by Sanjith Hegde. They filmed Abhishek Gowda & Tanya Hope. Kaviraj is lyrisist for this song. Arjun Janya is the composer of this song. The Marethuhoyithe song gained 19 million views and it is released on Anand Audio on youtube.

Shaane Top Agavle

Shaane Top Agavle is top most trending romantic song on you tube and Shaane Top Agavle song lyrics from  Sinnga Movie . The film stars are Chiranjeevi Sarja and Aditi Prabhudeva. Dharma Vish had composed music.  For this beautiful song lyrics had penned by Chethan Kumar and Shaane Top Agavle song had sung by Swaravijayi Vijay Prakesh. It got 55 million views on you tube when since uploaded itself.

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