List Of Top 10 Kannada Movie Songs In The Year 2020

Top 10 Kannada Movie Songs

Kannada film is also known as a Sandalwood. The top 10 Kannada movie Songs in the year 2020 are given below. The year that is passed by mainly at home, entertainment invited from all corners. In spite of the less action, Sandalwood did well in conveying a couple of melodies in 2020. There were entirely a couple of good ones, however here we are, positioning the best ten of them in this article. List Of Top 10 Kannada Movie songs.

Soul of Dia

Presenting the Official Video song Soul Of Dia from the movie Dia. The trio talent is B Ajaneesh Lokanth, Sanjith, and Chinmayi assured that the mood of the film felt in this song. All three had an equal contribution to the success of the Soul Of Dia song and hopefully, they collaborate again in 2021.

Narayana Narayana

Presenting the song from Kannada film Avane Srimannarayana. Narayana Narayana Song lyrics penned by Nagarjun Sharma, the music composed by Charan Raj and the song sung by Anurag Kulkarni, Ananya Bhat. The video song stars Rakshit Shetty, Shanvi Srivastava released by record label Paramvah Music.

Hands UP

Presenting the Video Hands Up song from the Avane Srimannarayana. Hands UP lyrics penned by Nagarjun Sharma. The music composed by B Ajaneesh Loknath and the song sung by Pancham Jeeva, Vijay Prakash, Shashank, and Chathan Naik. The film actors Rakshit Shetty, Shanvi Srivastava.The video produced by Paramvah Music on the youtube channel.


The commercial mass number of this year, the Karabbu song from the movie Pogaru broke multiple records on YouTube. The film music is composed by Chandan Shetty, and the fans of Dhruva Sarja are thrilled to bits after listening to this song. The song got 248 million views on youtube. This song sung by Chandan Shetty and the lyrics were penned by Chandan Shetty

Love You Chinna

The song is a rage at the start of the year and it’s composed by Raghu Dixit. The Love You Chinna’s song soothing music and catchy lyrics had many of them playing the song on a  loop. There are also other super hit songs from this album that did well. Love Mocktail film is a romantic and fun movie about the lead protagonist – Adi’s quest for love. Life takes him through a roller coaster of experiences in several stages through his search for true love. Does Adi finally find his soul mate?


This is an Official Maadeva song from the Popcorn Monkey Tiger. The Charan Raj and Duniya Soori enjoy a good rapport, and with this song, this proved again. Not only in the music but even the lyrics in this song are hummable and have a deep meaning.

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Innunu Bekagide

This the second video called Innunu Bekagide song from the film Mundina Nildana. The film stars Praveen Tej, Radhika Narayan, Ananya Kashyap, and Ajay Raj. The Innunu Bekagide song composed and sung by Vasuki Vaibhav, and penned by Pramod Maravanthe. It the choreographed by Vinay Bharadwaj and the song composed by Vasuki Vaibhav.

Shaane Top Agavle

Watch Shaane Top Agavle 2K  Song from the film Sinnga. The film actors Chiranjeevi Sarja, Ravishankar, and Others Exclusive Only On Anand Audio’s Official Youtube Channel. The Shaane Top Agavle song lyrics penned by Chethan Kumar, the music composed by Dharma Vish. The song is sung by Vijay Prakash and the video song featuring Chiranjeevi Sarja, Aditi Prabudeva is released by record label Anand Audio. The video song got 55 million views on youtube.

Hogbitta Charles Hogbitta

From the movie, French Biriyani and the song comes in the movie when an important in the character breathes his last. We have seen it in the dark comedy movies, but the song can be considered as one of the first ones. which was made us crack despite in the background being the procession of a dead body.

Neene Modalu Neene Kone

Watch Neene Modalu Song From the Kannada film KISS. The film directed by A P Arjun and the Romantic Song Composed by Adi Hari. It the Produced by A P Arjun under the banner of A P Arjun films. The lead pair in the film Kiss is Viraat and Sree Leela. The Song Lyrics by Shreya Ghoshal from Viraat and Sreeleela’s film Kiss is a heart-touching track. The video song got 67 million views on youtube.

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